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Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority


According to Fertilizer Regulations of 2011, a fertilizer premise includes any land, building or any part structure, vehicle, basement and vessel, or receptacle whatsoever for the purpose of manufacturing, selling, transporting or in any way connected with the handling or storage of fertilizer or fertilizer supplements; The following are the criteria for fertilizer Premise registration;

  • Shop/Warehouse Shall be located away from areas liable to flooding.
  • Shop/Warehouse shall have a Good drainage System.
  • Shop/Warehouse shall have sound walls.
  • Shop/Warehouse shall have roofs that effectively keeps out rain.
  • Shop/Warehouse shall have the floor which is clear and dry.
  • Shop/Warehouse shall have proper ventilation to allow fumes and heat to escape.
  • Shop/Warehouse shall have pallets for keeping fertilizers bags.
  • Warehouse shall be designed to enable escape in case of emergency from enclosed area and emergency exit clearly marked.
  • Warehouse shall permit reasonable movement of materials and enough space to allow hygienic working condition and clear access to fire- fighting equipment.