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Tanzania Fertilizer Regulatory Authority

Fertilizer Information System (FIS)

Fertilizer Information System features:

  • Fertilizer Dealers Registration and Licencing.
  • Fertilizer and Fertilizer Supplement Registration.
  • Premises Registration
  • Manufacturing Plants Registration.
  • Fertilizer Import and Export permits
  • Fertilizer Stock level Submissiom.

To apply for TFRA services online you have to be registered as a Fertilizer dealer. If you do not have a user name and password, please register as new fertilizer dealer first and wait for your account to be verified and activated then you can have access to all our services. If you have a user name and password, go to https://fis.tfra.go.tz or click Fertilizer Information System link on our website and login.

To apply for any of e-services (except new registration) select from the list of service on left sidebar.

Mode of payment for Fertilizer Import and Export Fees:

  • Government payment through Control Number on mobile money services like Tigopesa, MPesa, Airtel money etc
  • Government payment through Control Number directly at any bank CRDB, NBC, NMB etc

Fertilizer Information System

Support For any Inquiries or assistance don’t hesitate to contact our FIS help desk team:

Dealer and Fertilizer Registration and licencing: Gema Nganyagwa 0753339100. gema.nganyagwa@tfra.go.tz, Schola Mbalila, 0625852394, schola.mbalila@tfra.go.tz

Import and Export: Mselem Seleman, 0712339700 ,mselem.seleman@tfra.go.tz, Gerod Nganilevanu, 0757456968, gerod.nganilevanu@tfra.go.tz

Technical Inquiries contact : Salehe Kejo, ictsupport@tfra.go.tz, 0713768183.